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What The Puck Podcast Ep 14 – How the Bettman Stole Puckmas

@BrandoCash and @WTPCoachDan talk about more locked out hockey.  We discuss Neuvy and Hamrlik’s recent comments about the NHLPA representative Donald Fehr.  Plus we go up 83 to discuss the Hershey Bears and Reading Royals

What The Puck Podcast Ep 13 – Two Broke Pucks

After some talks broke down between NHL and NHLPA, @BrandoCash and @WTPCoachDan are still talking.  Keep up with all the lockout news here on What The Puck.  Plus we talk about Chimera leaving for Europe, Backstrom and Ovi’s Dynamo game, and we take a trip up 83 for some farm team action

What The Puck Podcast Ep 12 – Finding BigPuck

After a week off due to the hurricane, we are back to talk some puck.  AND so is the NHL and the NHLPA are talking too!!  Will the lockout end soon?  @BrandoCash & @WTPCoachDan discuss!!