What The Puck Episode 123 – Thankful for Caps Hockey

On this week’s episode, we discuss the last three games against Detroit, Dallas, and Colorado.  We congratulate Ovi on his record breaking goal and Dan tells us what it was like to see it live.  We also agree with Barry Trotz giving Bura a night off.

What The Puck Episode 122 – Caps vs Flames

On this week’s episode, we discuss the last two games for the Caps.  We talk about where we think Tom Wilson should be playing.  PLUS we talk about the reunion of Ovechkin and Backstrom!!

What The Puck Episode 121 – Caps vs Red Wings

On this episode we look back at the Red Wings game.  We challenge the coach’s challenge, and discuss who could take Brooks Orpik’s spot if he is hurt for a while.

What The Puck Episode 120 – Caps vs Rangers

On this episode, we discuss the Halloween weekend games.  Are the Caps as good as we think?  We also talk about the New York Rangers game.  The Capitals had a hard time against the Rangers and we try to figure out the problem.

What The Puck Episode 119 – Caps vs Pens

On this episode of What The Puck, we welcome the boys back from Western Canada.  We discuss the defense and whether Orlov is still showing some rink rust.  We also talk about Philipp Grubauer’s first start as well.  Then we also talk about the Caps Penguins game, pulling Holtby, scoring and immediately letting the Pens score as well.

What The Puck Episode 118 – Western Canada Trip

On this episode, we discuss the good week the Capitals have had.  We talk about all the WINS the Capitals have had against the Blackhawks, Hurricanes, and Flames.  He lose our lids when Holtby lost his and welcome back Nicky Backstrom.

What The Puck Episode 117 – Up Before Ovi

On this episode, we discuss the first two games of the 2015-2016 season.  The Capitals got away with a win against the Devils, but then got walloped by the Sharks.  We talk about Ovi sleeping late and getting scratched, Collins being waived, and when Backstrom may be back.

What The Puck Episode 116 – Capitals Season Preview

Welcome to the regular season!!  We discuss what will make the Capitals successful this year.  Will TJ Oshie be as good as we all expect?  Will Tom Wilson do well in his new role?  Will Dmitry Orlov show some rink rust?? We have all the questions AND we have the answers.

What The Puck Episode 115 – Caps Preseason Week 1

We discuss the first preseason game against the Carolina Hurricanes.  We also talk about the new 3 on 3 overtime and whether it’s the best thing for the Caps.

What The Puck Episode 114 – Start of Caps Training Camp

On this episode, we discuss the start of training camp.  With TJ Oshie and Justin Williams now apart of the Capitals, where do they fit in?  We further go into the lines as we discuss Nick Backstrom’s injury and where Marcus Johannson will end up.