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What The Puck Podcast Ep 11 – Don’t Trust the Puck in Apartment 23

It’s still locked out hockey, but do @BrandoCash and @WTPCoach Dan have the answer on how to get this fixed? They vent, drive up 83, and KHL hockey

What The Puck Podcast Ep 10 – As The Puck Turns

With such a busy week, the Lockout is still in full effect.  A new proposal and a new start date, but only if the NHLPA agrees to it!

What The Puck Podcast Ep 9 – Puckemon

With the lockout still in full effect, @BrandoCash & @WTPCoachDan talk about the KHL game that was featured on ESPN 2, Brooks Laich’s bad day, and the Hershey Bears.

What The Puck Podcast Ep 8 – Two and a Half Pucks

Welcome to another week of the lockout.  @BrandoCash and @WTPCoachDan talk about the recent talks and how they went n0where.