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What The Puck Episode 340 – Darcy Down

On this episode of What The Puck, Brandon and Coach Dan discuss the Western Canada roadtrip.  Injuries hurt this team once again and this time the bug has hit the goaltenders.

What The Puck Episode 339 – Great 8 Passes the Great One

On this episode of What The Puck, we discuss the last week in Capitals hockey. It went much better than last week, so things are looking up! We also discuss Ovechkin passing Gretzky’s away goal score record!!

What The Puck Episode 337 – Uninspired Play By The Capitals

On this week’s episode, Coach Dan and Brandon have a hard time figuring out whats going on with the Capitals.  What happened to this team?  They seem uninspired, disinterested, and not like themselves on the ice.

What The Puck Episode 336 – Injuries Hurt The Capitals

On this episode of the podcast, Brandon and Coach Dan discuss all of the injuries plaguing the team right now.  Plus we discuss Ovechkin making history once again.

What The Puck Episode 335 – Ovi Makes More History

On this episode of What The Puck, we discuss the last week of Capitals hockey.  It’s started rough, but the team is getting better.  Players are getting more comfortable and it seems like the team is beginning to settle in.  We also discuss the first big road trip of the season.

What The Puck Episode 329 – Caps vs Cats Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 1

On this episode of What The Puck, Brandon and Coach Dan get ready for the Caps vs Panthers in Round 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. What are the keys to winning this series, can the goaltending hold up?

What The Puck Episode 328 – Ovi Takes A Tumble

On this episode of What The Puck, Dan and Brandon discuss what an injury to Ovi means to this team as they prepare for the Stanley Cup playoffs.

What The Puck Episode 327 – Caps Clinch Playoff Spot

The Capitals are officially heading to the Stanley Cup playoffs spot!  The question remains, who will they be facing and will it be a wildcard spot?

What The Puck Episode 325 – Capitals Light The Lamp

On this episode of What The Puck, Coach Dan and Brandon discuss the games against the Wild and the Lightning. The team held a team only meeting and it seems like it may have had an impact. The Capitals came to play the Lightning. Can that last through the playoffs?

What The Puck Episode 324 – Capitals Playoff Prep

On this episode of WTP, we discuss the end of March and how everyone thinks the Capitals are one and done in the Playoffs.