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What The Puck Episode 340 – Darcy Down

On this episode of What The Puck, Brandon and Coach Dan discuss the Western Canada roadtrip.  Injuries hurt this team once again and this time the bug has hit the goaltenders.

What The Puck Episode 338 – Thankful for the Capitals

On this episode of What The Puck, we discuss the uncertainty of this team.  We know they aren’t good, but why?  Is it the coaching staff, the injuries?  Something else?  We try to figure it out.

What The Puck Episode 334 – Capitals Start 2 and 2

On this episode of What the Puck, Coach Dan and Brandon discuss the beginning of the season.  The lack of a powerplay is concerning, plus the team is already dealing with injuries and a suspension.  Plus we talk about the reverse retro sweaters!

What The Puck Episode 321 – Mantha is the Answah

The Capitals have welcomed back TJ Oshie and Anthony Mantha and they’ve steered the Capitals back into the win column.  The Capitals are on a Western Canadian Roadtrip and have picked up 3 out of 4 points so far!  Also this week Alex Ovechkin and Nick Backstrom have both made some history for the franchise!  They have played 1000 games together and Backstrom has notched his 1000 point and Ovi is tied for 3rd all time goal scorers.

What The Puck Episode 311 – Down

Lines changed a lot and then some, some
Now that Tom Wilson is down, down
Now we got Backy Back
Then we ready for Chicago Now

What The Puck Episode 303 – Caps Start Season

On this episode of WTP, we discuss the beginning of the regular season.  Hendrix Lapierre scores his first goal and Alex Ovechkin breaks a record.  Plus we discuss the graphics of TNT and ESPN+

What The Puck Episode 297 – Who Goes To Seattle

On this episode of What the Puck, we take a look at the protected list for the Seattle draft.  Who is leaving DC for Seattle?

What The Puck Episode 296 – The Shadow of Barry Trotz

On this episode we discuss yet another first round early exit.  Big changes loom this off season and Dan and Brandon chat over what needs to change and who needs to go.

What The Puck Episode 286 – Capitals Winning Streak

On this episode of WTP, we discuss the Capitals Winning Streak.  The Caps have been playing very well, how does Lav bring Tom Wilson back into the lineup without messing with what is working.

What The Puck Episode 285 – Tom Wilson Suspended Again

On this episode we discuss the suspension of Tom Wilson. Plus we talk about the NHL returning to ESPN