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What The Puck Episode 355 – Capitals Hire Carbery

The Washington Capitals have a new head coach, Spencer Carbery!  Brandon and Dan discuss the new hire, what it means for Ovechkin, and what Spencer brings to the powerplay.

What The Puck Episode 353 – Capitals Eliminated From Playoffs

On this episode of What The Puck, Coach Dan and Brandon discuss the elimination from playoff contention.  Where do the Capitals go from here?  What do the last five games of this season mean for the team?

What The Puck Episode 352 – Capitals Continue To Lose

On this episode we discuss the disappointing ending to the Capitals Penguins game.  Plus we talk about the rumors of Kuzy leaving the team and what if that actually happens.  Then we talk about the potential of a new head coach and who it might be.

What The Puck Episode 348 – 5 Game Losing Streak

On this episode of WTP, Brandon and Coach Dan discuss the last week of hockey. The Capitals are not doing well. The team cannot score and are looking like they will not be making the playoffs. How do they fix these issues?

What The Puck Episode 345 – Not A Great Start to 2023

On this episode o WTP, we discuss January and how the Capitals have done. Do they have time to fix the issues they have and can they make the playoffs.

What The Puck Episode 343 – Prayers For Damar Hamlin

On this episode of What The Puck, we discuss the Damar Hamlin situation and what happened on Monday Night Football. We also discuss the end of the 2022 year for the Capitals and the improvements they’ve made in December.

What The Puck Episode 341 – Capitals Winning Streak

That’s right!  You read that right!!  The Capitals are on a winning streak!  We discuss the return of Orlov, the potential of another goalie controversy, and what to do when the rest of the team returns from injury reserve.

What The Puck Episode 340 – Darcy Down

On this episode of What The Puck, Brandon and Coach Dan discuss the Western Canada roadtrip.  Injuries hurt this team once again and this time the bug has hit the goaltenders.

What The Puck Episode 339 – Great 8 Passes the Great One

On this episode of What The Puck, we discuss the last week in Capitals hockey. It went much better than last week, so things are looking up! We also discuss Ovechkin passing Gretzky’s away goal score record!!

What The Puck Episode 338 – Thankful for the Capitals

On this episode of What The Puck, we discuss the uncertainty of this team.  We know they aren’t good, but why?  Is it the coaching staff, the injuries?  Something else?  We try to figure it out.