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What The Puck Episode 354 – Caps Need A New Head Coach

On this episode of WTP, we discuss Peter Laviolette leaving the organization.  The Capitals are in the market for a new coaching staff and potentially a few new centers.

What The Puck Episode 352 – Capitals Continue To Lose

On this episode we discuss the disappointing ending to the Capitals Penguins game.  Plus we talk about the rumors of Kuzy leaving the team and what if that actually happens.  Then we talk about the potential of a new head coach and who it might be.

What The Puck Episode 272 – Lots of Lav

On this episode we discuss the new coach for the Washington Capitals, Peter Laviolette, and what he brings to the team.  Plus we discuss when the next season will begin.  Brandon doesn’t think it’s going to be anytime soon.