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What The Puck – Instant Reaction Game 1 Caps vs Pens

The audio from Coach Dan’s Facebook Live instant reaction after a thrilling Game 1 4-3 Caps victory!

What The Puck Episode 142 – Caps Pens Preview

On this episode, Brandon and Dan discuss the upcoming Caps Pens semi final match up.  These two teams know each other very well and are very different from the Flyers.  The guys try to figure out how the Caps can come out as winners and move on.

What The Puck – Instant Reaction Game 5 Caps vs Flyers

Brandon hopped onto Facebook Live and did an instant reaction video about the disappointing Game 5 finish.  The Caps played well, took dumb penalities, and Neuvy played an amazing game.  To make it simple Brandon was frustrated.

What The Puck – Instant Reaction Game 4 Caps vs Flyers

Coach Dan goes solo on this instant game Facebook Live recap of the Caps Game 4 2-1 loss to the Flyers.

What The Puck Episode 141 – Caps Flyers Series

On this episode we discuss the recent Philadelphia incident.  We talk about how the fans reacted to their own team and how stupid it was.  We discuss the 3-0 lead the Caps have on this series and how they can sustain it and get another win.

What The Puck – Instant Reaction Game 3 Caps vs Flyers

Right after Game 3 Brandon jumped onto Facebook Live to talk about Game 3 of the Caps vs Flyers Series.

What The Puck – Game 2 Recap with Coach Dan and special guests Amanda and Tyler!

On this episode Coach Dan is joined by special guests Amanda and Tyler to recap the Caps Game 2 win over the Flyers.

What The Puck Episode 140 – Journey to Lord Stanley Begins

On this episode, we discuss the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  The Washington Capitals will be facing the Philadelphia Flyers and we talk about the matchup.  We talk about Mike Richards move to the third line, Trotz’s post season success, Oshie, and Braden Holtby’s play.

What The Puck Episode 139 – End of the Regular Season

On this episode, we discuss the last three games of the season and what this last week has been about.  The Caps have looked less than stellar.  We talk about the potential opponents for the first round and who we don’t want to see.  Plus we bring back A Puck to the Head and discuss the season finale of The Walking Dead.